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Local Honey From
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Nick's been keeping bees for over ten years and our Old Manor Honey comes direct from his apiary in the Orchard at The Old Manor.

Throughout the year the bees gather pollen and nectar from the gardens, nearby fields, orchards and hedgerows. Different nectar provides variations in the taste, colour and texture of the honey. When the bees feed on rape crops in early Spring, the resulting honey is very pale and often crystallise more quickly than the later summer honey which tends to be darker and clearer.

Old Manor Honey
The honey is collected from the bee hives on individual frames which the bees have sealed with a wax capping.  The wax is removed with a hot knife to reveal the honeycombs beneath.  The uncapped frames are put into a rotating drum and the honey is spun out.  It's lightly filtered into large storage tubs then decanted into glass honey jars when required. The whole process takes place at the Old Manor in Twyning.

Old Manor Honey - Twyning, Tewkesbury
Local honey is also believed to provide relief from hay fever for people living in the surrounding area. Our honey is a completely natural product with no additives.

Old Manor Honey is available from Twyning Village Stores

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